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Darren Jensen

I am a Full Stack Blockchain Developer. I love building modern Dapps for cutting edge Decentralized Finance (DeFi) systems used in payments, lending, money markets and trading. I've recently designed and architected a payments solution and eKYC system being deployed in South East Asia.

As a Full Stack Blockchain Developer, I can:

I can work on projects that require all of the above or just a subset. Maybe you already have a blockchain application which requires tests or you already have the designs and specifications and require help with coding the Smart Contracts and Dapp front end. I am able to fit into any of the stages of a blockchain project and provide value to the team and the development of the product as suited.


I am currently running the following two projects.


DevBootstrap is a set of online technology training courses designed to get full stack blockchain developers up and running with clear, concise and detailed tutorials. I teach Blockchain Architecture, DeFi Systems, JavaScript, Node JS, Vue JS, React JS, Design Patterns, Test Driven Development, Smart Contract Development, Databases, and Data Structures.


DevZep is a team of professional software consultants who work primarily with Startups to solve early stage problems, growth hacking experiments, blockchain applications, machine learning as well as custom web and mobile app development.

To find out more about me check my LinkedIN profile.