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Learn Rails Backwards

I sometimes run free Rails courses locally here. One of the things that I have learnt is that it seems to be best to teach Rails ‘backwards’. What do I mean by that? Well it depends on how you define ‘forwards’! If you practice TDD then a high level process would be to:

  1. Write your (failing) test in RSpec
  2. Write Rails code to pass the test

This means knowing Ruby before you even start step one above, of course. However, when teaching Rails, I like to do things in reverse, namely:

  1. Learn how to write Rails code
  2. Learn how to write RSpec code
  3. Learn how to write Ruby code

Now, of course it’s all Ruby, but the point is that the order when teaching / learning Rails is reversed compared with what is done in practice. Of course, this approach does have its good and bad points.

Good Points

Bad Points

What are your thoughts on this?