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A new JavaScript UI Framework is born: YoolkUI

Quickly! Name 5 JavaScript UI Frameworks! OK Good! Now add YoolkUI to that list! Notice, I am not suggesting to put it to the top of the list…..yet.

YoolkUI is a brand new (well, 18 months in the making thus far), JavaScript UI Framework which has been hand crafted from the ground up right here in Cambodia! The original idea was to base the Framework on the popular GTK API so that it would be possible to build RI Applications using Glade. However, like most things, the project went on its own separate way and has some of its own specific components that you will not find in GTK. The ultimate dream, however, would be to create an application like Glade that could be used to quickly build layouts using YoolkUI.

By the way, YoolkUI is 100% Open Source and completely free to use under MIT or GPL license.

Here are a couple of screen captures of an application built using YoolkUI. If you want to see more, check out the YoolkUI website.