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Time to please Facebook not Google

I recently read a Wired article about how the Web is Dead and it got me thinking more about the role businesses play when marketing on the web. For a very long time now the Web has been the place to be if you want your business reach out to more customers. Search Engine Marketing has played a very important role in this as well as advertising via Google AdWords. But times, are changing fast!

Over the past year or so there have been rumors spreading that the days of pleasing Google are over. By this I mean traditional SEO and SEM (AdWords). What businesses now need to do is please the likes of Facebook but they need to do more than just create a profile page for their business. Since Facebook is a walled garden, safely protecting its users from the harsh world of the rest of the web, businesses who do not join the Facebook party will be left cold on the other side of this fence.

The answer lies in making applications for Facebook. If you can make something yourself or outsource the development of an app, then you stand a better chance of being found in Facebook. The app needs to be engaging, easy to use,  provide some value to the user and, of course, be free! What you need to do with your app is to generate a ROI you need to convert the users of the app into customers!

Here is an example of what I mean. The Canada Yellow Pages App is great example of engaging the user in the app and bringing value to their customers and thereby, no doubt, increasing their bottom line.

I plan to make some business apps that will distribute content on various social networks and will keep the progress of this project updated here on Tweetegy.