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Let the social networking diaspora begin!

So today is the day that Diaspora begins! I am looking forward to pulling it apart and seeing what these guys have done! I am sure that they are pretty nervous today about this release since all the hype and money surrounding this project means they must be feeling just a little weight on their shoulders right now!

Regardless of how it is written, if it works well, I plan to use this in Cambodia to develop a free social networking site. I probably will seek donor funding to do this as it is more of a community and research project than a business project. The great thing about using Diaspora is being able to host your own node, which means bringing huge benefits to countries like Cambodia where Internet speeds are not always so reliable.

Instead of building your profile data silo on servers based in USA we can provide the servers locally in Cambodia. It’s amazing how people will migrate from one site to another when the speed is just that little bit faster and the responsiveness is that little bit snappier. I wonder if there will be support for multiple language interfaces in Diaspora too? I’ll just have to wait a few more hours to find out!